Parking & Transportation : Public Transportation Program

Public Transportation Program

The Public Transit Program offers significant incentives aimed at promoting public transit among full-time faculty and staff that includes significantly reduced transit pass prices based on annual earnings. This includes Metrorail, Metro buses, Miami-Dade “Park and Ride” express buses, and Tri-Rail.

Discounted Public Transit is available to all full-time faculty and staff who have benefits, and to all full time students.

Faculty & Staff Election forms must be received by the 14th of the month to qualify for a pass in the upcoming month.

Full time students can purchase and access their mobile pass via the GO Miami-Dade Transit app by using a e-mail account.

Full-time Employee Earnings Metrorail Only Metrorail with parking Tri-rail Tri-rail with Regional Pass
$35,000 or less $20.65 $31.90 $10.00 $45.00
$35,001 to $40,000 $35.65 $46.90 $33.50 $71.75
$40,001 to $45,000 $50.65 $61.90 $48.50 $86.75
$45,001 to $50,000 $65.65 $76.90 $63.50 $101.75
$50,001 to $70,000 $80.65 $91.90 $78.50 $116.75
$70,001 or more $95.65 $106.90 $93.50 $131.75
Full-time Students $56.25 $67.50 Must obtain directly from Tri-rail

Joining the Program:


  1. Full time faculty and staff must complete, sign, and submit the employee election form. Election forms must be received by the 14th of the month to qualify for a pass in the upcoming month.
  2. Email, fax, or hand deliver the election form to the Public Safety Office.
  3. If you emailed or faxed your enrollment form, you will receive an email around the 20th of the month stating you may pick up your EASY Card from our office located at 1501 NW 9th Ave, Suite 100.
  4. MetroRail with Parking pass holders must register their license plate with Miami Dade Transit. See Digital Parking instructions
  5. Full time students can purchase and access their mobile pass via the GO Miami-Dade Transit app by using their e-mail account. See installation instructions. Once you have registered and paid, you can board MetroRail by scanning your phone at the MetroRail fare gate or ride a Metrobus by showing your active ticket to the bus driver. If you are unable to purchase the pass via the app, it could be due to the Registrar’s office not recognizing you as a full time student. E-mail to clarify your full time status.


  1. Tri-rail subscribers must first obtain an EDP (Employer Discount Program) card. Go to the Tri-Rail website to sign up. Once approved, you will need to go to the following stations (see below) and have your photo taken, then an EDP card will be printed with your EDP # (6 digit number on back of card) and card # (20 digit number on back of card).
    Tri-rail Photo Locations:
    Miami International Airport: 10 am to 5 pm
    Metrorail Transfer Station: 10 am to 1 pm
  2. Once you have your EDP card, please send a photo copy of it along with your election form, or bring both into the Public Safety Office.

Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) Program:

Registered commuters are eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) Program. This program provides free taxi service in emergency situations in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Public Transit Rules and Regulations:

  • Employees and students interested in the public transportation program must read and comply with the provision of the Public Transit Program policy.
  • You may NOT hold a campus parking permit and a reduced fare transit pass during the same month. If you choose to hold both, you will pay full price.
  • You may not share, sell, or give transit passes to others.
  • You must use your pass to commute to work on a regular basis (at least 75% of the time) or your pass will be cancelled.
  • Additional information may be found at the websites of Miami-Dade Transit and Tri-Rail.
  • Violations of the policy can carry significant penalties that may include termination, prosecution, and suspension from the program.

Cancelling your Subscription:

Those who wish to cancel the program must electronically complete, print, sign, and submit the transit pass cancellation form MetroRail Cancellation Form

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I am interested in signing up for a Miami-Dade Transit bus pass. The election form only lists Metrorail pass. Can this be used on the bus as well?
Yes, the Miami-Dade EASY card includes Metrorail, Metrobuses, and Miami-Dade “Park n Ride” express buses. (See below question regarding I-95 Express buses from Broward.)

I work in Coral Gables in the Gables One Tower but I’m part of the Medical campus. Am I eligible for the reduced fare pass?
Yes, your eligibility is based on your income, not your campus.

I work at the RSMAS campus. How do I get a transit pass?
Fax or email your election form to Parking Customer Service at (305) 243-8189 or You will pick up your monthly pass from the Facilities Administration Office on the RSMAS campus after the 25th of the month providing your election form reaches us by the 14th.

What is the Tri-rail EDP card and how do I get one?
The EDP card is a membership card that you must carry while riding Tri-rail. The EDP card verifies that you are a member of the “Employer Discount Program”. To get an EDP card, go to the Tri-Rail website and submit your application. The card will be mailed to your home address. You must have the EDP card in your possession while riding Tri-rail.

I have a Tri-Rail EDP card which has not expired. I don’t purchase a monthly pass through UM, but rather 12-trip tickets directly from the train station. Does the discounted rate apply to the 12-trip tickets as well?
No, the University will only be distributing monthly Tri-rail passes and you must obtain your pass from UM to receive a discount.

I’m signing up today for the Metrorail program. Will my parking pass for the medical campus be canceled automatically or is there anything I need to do?
If you currently posses a parking pass and park in a University of Miami or JMH lot or garage you will need to fax, email, or drop-off a signed cancellation notice to the Public Safety office along with your election form.

How will I receive my reduced fair public transportation pass each month?
If you submitted your MetroRail enrollment form in person at the Public Safety office, you will receive your EASY card on the date of enrollment. If you submitted your enrollment form via e-mail or fax, you will receive an e-mail around the 20th of the month stating you may pick up your EASY card from our office located at 1501 NW 9th Ave. Suite 100. The same EASY card is used each month until you cancel.

I bring my toddler to daycare on campus. Can my child also ride?
Yes, preschoolers less than 42 inches tall can ride Metrorail and Metrobus for free at all times with an accompanying adult. Metromover is free for everyone. Preschoolers taller than 42 inches ride transit free with a preschooler permit. Apply for this permit at any Transit Service Center, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Can a visiting student at UM purchase a reduced fare transit pass?
No. You must be a full-time registered University of Miami student to purchase a reduced fair pass. Visiting students may purchase a pass at the University of Miami bulk rate which is a $15 savings over the regular Miami-Dade Transit rate.

I am currently enrolled in the transit program and will be on vacation this month. What do I do with my pass?
You may cancel your pass for a month and obtain it again when you return to work. Remember, you may not sell or transfer your pass to others. Please contact the Public Safety office to stop and start your pass. You may fill out a transit pass cancellation form in advance.

I am currently enrolled in the transit program and will be on going on leave. What do I do with my pass?
You will need to cancel your pass for the time that you are on leave. IT WILL NOT BE CANCELLED AUTOMATICALLY. Please fill out a transit pass cancellation form

Will the EASY card allow me to ride the I-95 Express buses from Broward?
The “Broward Boulevard” and the “Sheridan Street” to Downtown Miami accept EASY cards. However, the “Hollywood”, “Miramar Town Center”, “Pines Blvd./Flamingo Road”, and “Weston” to downtown Miami routes will NOT accept EASY cards. To ride these buses, riders will need to pay cash or use a Broward Transit Pass.

Miami-Dade Transit Tracker App:

Comprehensive and real-time County transit services information is available through the Miami-Dade Transit app, currently compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch (iOS 4.3+). Track the current position of MetroRail trains and their arrival times. Get bus schedules by bus stop. View the status of services. For more information, or to download the app, click here.