IDs & Access : Access Control: Electronic Locks/ Key Shop

Access Control: Electronic Locks/ Key Shop

All University issued ID Cards/Badges and Proximity Cards have unique access permissions that control which doors/gates on campus that individual can open. An individual’s supervisor, unit leader determines access permissions in accordance with Public Safety policy.

Types of Access:

  1. Campus ID Card/Badge (‘Cane Card) – provides access to individual rooms and smaller office areas by dipping the card into a reader on the door handle. This type of lock is commonly referred to as Onity.
  2. Proximity Card – provides access to parking, corridors, elevators, and main office areas by waving the card in front of a reader panel.
  3. Metal Keys – there are a limited number of locks that use this traditional type of key.

Obtaining a New or Replacement ID Card / Badge:

Refer to the Campus Identification Card/ Badge (‘Cane Card) webpage.

**NOTE the magnetic stripe on you Campus Identification Card/ Badge is encoded with your employee ID number. This magnetic stripe can provide access to the Gables wellness facility, student accounting, libraries, and other functions. You must contact those entities to activate your accounts.

Obtaining a New or Replacement Proximity Card:

The process is the same as for ID Cards / Badges. Refer to the Campus Identification Card/ Badge (‘Cane Card) webpage.

**NOTE access to Onity electronic locks requires a key group assignment. If you do not have a key group available, please email or fax the ID – Access Card Registration Form to Security Customer Service 48 hours in advance. A key group will be established and assigned prior to your arrival at the office. This prevents multiple trips to the office.

Modifying Access:

The supervisor/ authorized unit leader for the individual(s) who need modification to their permissions should send a request via email to There is no need to come to the Public Safety Office unless you are notified via email that your badge must be encoded.

Requesting a Metal Key:

The supervisor / authorized unit leader for the individual(s) should contact the key shop at (305) 243-6375. Metal keys to standard locks can be obtained by the key number or by requesting a key for a specific room number. Metal keys normally take 48 hours to make. You will be contacted when your keys are ready for pick-up at the Public Safety Office.

Days/ Times when access permissions/ settings can be modified:

Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.

The Public Safety Office is Located at:

1501 NW 9th Ave. Suite 100, Miami, FL 33136

Via telephone at 305-243-6280, prompt, #2 or via email at

When is Security Customer Service most busy?:

View the Security Customer Service lobby webcam to see how many people are currently waiting.