Services and Programs : Crime Tip Hotline & ’Cane Watch

Crime Tip Hotline & ’Cane Watch

Any information regarding crimes on campus can be reported anonymously to the Medical Campus Crime Tip Hotline by calling 305-243-6280, ext 5.

’Cane Watch – Confidential Reporting

All students, faculty, and staff of the University are held to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. In instances of law or policy violation, it is the obligation of every member of the UM community to take immediate action and report any inappropriate conduct. ’Cane Watch is a Web and telephone tool for confidentially reporting violations throughout the University. ’Cane Watch enables students, faculty, staff, and others to express a concern or report a problem – anonymously if they so choose. It is a tool to supplement existing avenues for addressing concerns through supervisor-employee discussions, Student Affairs, Faculty Affairs, and Human Resources. ’Cane Watch is administered by an external third-party vendor, independent of the University.

’Cane Watch Phone Number: 877-415-4357
’Cane Watch Website: